Thank you.

As President of the Board of Directors for Kali’s Klubhouse, I wish you a peaceful, joyous holiday and a wonderful New Year. This seems like the perfect time to thank the SuperHeroes who enable us to use horsepower to expand our services to more and more members of the Broome and Tioga communities.

First of all, thank you to “the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker”, our incredibly talented Executive Director, Linda Fargnoli. Linda always brings her horse-sense, business-sense, integrity and ability to activate the reticular parts of our brains (read more about the reticular activating system later in our upcoming newsletter) to our organization and without her, Kali’s Klubhouse simply would not exist.

Our gratitude to the volunteers without whom our programs simply could not operate. It has become increasingly clear what a special group of volunteers we have; they are supportive of the participants they serve and each other. They make Kali’s Klubhouse a safe, fun place to be and their enthusiasm is infectious!

Thank you to the many individuals and organizations who provide financial support including the Broome County United Way, Tioga County United Way, the Equus Foundation, Hanger Charitable Foundation and the Floyd Hooker Foundation. Because of your support, Kali’s Klubhouse expanded their programs in more ways than one! We now have a heated classroom/conference space, an additional wheelchair accessible bathroom and a kitchenette. With additional space we now have room for more program participants and are able to host conferences and clinics for families and volunteers.

Our appreciation to the many volunteers and board members who donate their time and talent to coordinate and staff our fundraisers. Thank you for your enthusiasm, skills and willingness to knock on doors. The Superhero Run and Gallop on the Greens were great successes!

Special thanks to Brothers of the Cross, Binghamton University, Day of Caring, Steph Khoury, White Knight Productions and Wiki Fleeks who spearheaded a variety of improvement, beautification and video projects for our programs.

Thank you to our professional staff who implement our many services and programs. They make sure our equine volunteers are happy, healthy and ready to go when needed.

Many thanks to our Board of Directors for their support and determination through the challenges of 2018 to build KKH into an organization that will be here for generations to come.

Last but never least, thank you to our gentle equine partners who share their healing magic every day to make Kali’s Klubhouse “The Healing Place.”

With appreciation and gratitude,

Tracy (“TJ”) Ligouri

President, Kali’s Klubhouse, Inc.